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A Powerful Awakening...

to attract Spiritual souls. Those that are ready to do the work they seek.

-Divine Universal Communication Guidance

                                -Awakening LIGHTworker Online Worhshops

-Conscious Vegan Recipes for Sensetives

                                                                                                                   Reiki Attunements/Sessions

-Simple Meditation Classes

Welcome! my name is SANDYFABIOLA a.k.a "Fabi".

It is a pleasure to connect with you.

Like many, my soul is aware of more that meets the 3D existence.

Having experienced the duality of earth life, and going within in order to expand and evolve into Oneness as well as higher dimension awareness. For the sake of those seeking connections, lets' share a "label" of identification.

I am an Arcturian Starseed Indigo soul born in Peru in this lifetime. The labels are not important as we are all ONE. However, it does help make connections to those who understand the quirks and experiences shared by each earth soul and as a community.

I feel blessed that you were guided here. Believe all happens for a reason and one should follow the signs.

I have been aware of my sensitivities from a young age. Although I must admit, when I was young I did not consider them "gifts". My website was created from information received through visions, Divine Universal communication, dream medicine, and astral travels.

The beauty of life is to grow and learn different perspectives as you become more aware of your Consciousness and continue to evolve through different heights.

When choosing a healer/teacher, you need to feel comfortable and resonate with the person you choose to guide you through a new phase of your existence. You will be going through a powerful Awakening that will lead you to feel more attuned to why you are different and what your life purpose is. You have to decide if you require the guidance and motivation I offer to help you continue your path of consciousness.

I am grateful to now be able to help heal and transform those who are willing. I send love and harmony to those who may not be ready yet.

I am a


From a young age, I knew my purpose was in the healing arts, but din't know HOW to achieve in action what my soul encouraged me to follow. This is what I wish for all my clients, to find their inner knowledge and take flight.

I remembered much of my healing techniques from other existences. But to continue my own current human growth, I have received the following certifications & Alternative Healing Education:

  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Oneness Blessing giver
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner┬«
  • (with Charles Virtue. -using Doreen Virtue's Angel certification program).
  • Inner Realm- Astral Travel Certification Program: Deborah King Center

I thank you for taking the time to get to know me, at least a little bit of my energy and who I am. If you feel you connected with me, then I welcome you to visit the services I offer and I look forward to working with you.

If you feel guided... I am asked to include a set amount. But any donation amount is appreciated. Thank you in Advance. I offer FREE Guidance and information through my Blog. And welcome questions for my videos for youtube. With your donation you are helping me, help others who may need financial assistance to attend a class/workshop. I offer economical services in comparison to my peers. Not because I don't value my work or skills. But because I wish to change the vibrations of the Universe one person at a time. I want to make my services available for everyone. I trust that my "Work/Gifts" will always be on demand. And the Universe will provide for me. Thank you. FOR those who are interested in the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council Card Communication. You may choose this "donation" for a SINGLE card and message.