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Universal Divine Guidance

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (4032)


          Website has been and may continue to morph as the perspective and understanding within my higher self and the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council changes and expands in evolution and understanding.

           About 5 years ago (2010), I continued my journey by learning I was an Indigo and so much made sense.  Finally I was able to accept, understand and LOVE myself for exactly who I was.  I no longer felt so completely different and alone.  I understood and felt the guidance within, turning the light ON to see what was around me all along. To understand WHY I had all the experiences from birth that I never spoke about or shared with anyone.
...The awakening connection to my soul had began.  

Divine communication and guidance continued rapidly after, pouring in to help me understand who I was and how to make a difference.  At that time my comfort level was to share "Angel readings" and I did this for about two to three years.  Focusing within the comfort of the Catholic beliefs I grew up in.  Not because I didn't believe in more, but because just sharing that much was intimidating enough.  I wasn't ready to share the greater picture.   And truthfully, neither were the people around me. "Baby steps" of comfort opening their minds and heart's as well to greater consciousness.

But the "Angel" guidance I have received and shared for years, was not JUST from the concept of Angels that society is learning to accept.  The Angels and Divine guidance that helped me each time I did a reading were a UNIVERSAL Guidance as a whole.  This means God, Spirit, Source, Deities, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mother Earth (Pachamama), Guardian Angels of loved ones that have transcended, Universal families from different galaxies and Universes.
               ....They are ALL ONECONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE. 

          I needed to share this publicly to reach anyone who is guided here at some point.  Because I have noticed and felt the fear people experience by now hearing me speak of "Universal guidance" instead of Angels.  Angels still guide me, and help all of us.  But I have felt the resistance from people; as if all of the sudden they couldn't relate.  As if they were no longer ALLOWED to trust the guidance they feel within as well. For those who I did readings for in the past, and you received PEACE, understanding, communication and love; TRUST that it's still as pure as the day you understood that they were messages only from "Angels".  
The Consciousness of the galaxies are ALL ONE.  
                          They are ALL Angelic vibration from LOVE.  

My journey, like many poured in with information and guidance because I asked for it, and TRUSTED without doubt that this IS an Earthly reality manifesting into concrete.  
We were all part of a Divine existence.  We are not disconnected and living on earth without the possibility of Spiritual manifestation.  It is not about just going to church or temple and then having a faith that leaves you feeling helpless on earth.  
You are not helpless, your faith can carry you to new understanding and heights of creating the successful and loving reality you wish for yourself.  But in order to get there, you need to open up your heart and minds to understand more than what has been taught in the past.  You need to let go of fear and mistrust.  You need to release old pattern of thinking.  
This is what it means to bring "Heaven" on earth.  To have the ability to manifest what you desire because you are aware of the endless, loving assistance we all have and share.  The understanding that we are ALL connected can impact our actions and choices.  Aiming to be understanding and loving of each other.  It is happening right now, and will continue to grow around the globe and reflect back to the Universe.

          Following Universal Divine guidance, my journey was a process of patience. Still continues to be as I learn and ask for more depth information.  
The label of Indigo is used because most people who are JUST awakening can understand that concept with more ease.  But there are many layers and Universal wisdom that explains patterns of behavior, psychic abilities, high intuition, personality traits, etc
For a long period of time when searching for more information.  I came across others who saw my videos and insisted that I wasn't "just" an Indigo soul.  But I was not interested THEN to learn more about my soul's origins.  
I understood it as my soul been ancient, living many lives in different planes of existence, and that's all i needed to know.

But as time progressed, I experienced many situations that left me pondering why?
Which is why I decided to ask for more guidance on the subject.
Two years ago, After asking for more understanding to who I was in reference to the Universe and my origin.
I had been familiar with the characteristics of the Pleidian family, but it didn't feel "true" to my soul's heart.   Which is why I insisted with the origin question for guidance.

         One day as I sat in front of my computer, doing a lesson for a client participating in the Awakening LIGHTworker workshop, I heard the "voice" of the Divine Universal Council guide:  
"You are Arcturian".
To be honest, I had no clue what this meant.  Because until that point it hadn't been confirmed to me that there were more vibrational beings and a greater understanding.
I knew a broad understanding that we weren't alone in the universes.

You would think that in this day with all the technology available, I would have somehow found information about MORE, right?  

I was familiar with The HATHOR's and worked with their sound healing heart chackra meditations, but that was the extend of my awareness of the galaxy.

        Certainly I always found myself gazing at the starts, and feeling tears fall from my face, not understanding why.  I wanted a star to be named after me, and found myself at peace reading books in the moonlight.  Which is why I knew I resonated with the Indigo label among other traits.  But I didn't know what, "You are Arcturian" meant.

        So once again I began exploring this new revelation with an unbreakable FAITH as it had been an answer to my question.  BUT those amazing 3 words were not revealed to me until DIVINE Timing.  
I had to patiently wait, and trust that while I went about my life purpose that I would receive when everything within me and the universe was in perfect synchronicity.  

At the point it was shared with me, I was able to accept it and leap with it from faith and wholeness.    
EVERYTHING about who I am in this lifetime and how I choose to live, and BE made perfect sense. My human experience matches perfectly the characteristics of an Arcturian Starseed. The endless "tests" I have done confirming my soul's origin is from the Bootes constellation and within it the brightest star is Arcturus.  I have researched more information and interactions I have made by finding others all over the globe, and learn it match us perfectly as community.  There is no doubt in my heart and soul that I originate from "Arcturus".

                What does this mean.  What are Starseeds?

         As I was getting ready to write this blog today, I received the nudge to find a video on youtube of other starseeds I had seen before.  I found them, left blessings and a comment on their page, and before I knew it and automatic synchronicity had developed again.  The video: The Mission of a Starseed started playing on it's own.
And I knew after listening WHY it was so important for me to hear it and find it.

Today, as I shared this personal journey, I needed a confirmation to what I am sharing.  A different perspective and person sharing the same information for those who resonate with the vibration and awareness we are all experiencing.

Wishing you all many blessings, love, healing and light.  
                  We are  ALL ONE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE.

Thank you for sharing your space with me.

~Arcturian soul and earthly Divine Universal Council Medium/Facilitator

Spring Equinox, Moonlight Manifestation & Rabbit Totem

Posted on March 25, 2015 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (78)

Friday March 20th 2015 we celebrated Spring Equinox, 3rd of 6 New Super moons, 1st Day of Spring (covered in 4" of snow in NJ), and a Solar Eclipse!
...quite unforgettable.

Amazing energy and perfect time to ask Universal Oneness to help us manifest prosperity, healing, and knowledge.

It was beautiful, peers all over the universe gathered to share our loving energy to make a difference.

I offered a special treat for everyone through my FB page: HARMONIOUS EXPRESSION where I had a communication session with the Universe and helped those who participated in a post take action in manifesting their desires.  Make sure you visit, and "like" so that you don't miss the next event or the free readings.

     I had a wonderful moonlight evening.  My quartz chose not to be placed in a "traditional" prosperity grid.  Instead we created a shape that seemed similar to an infinity sign, but it met at the healing Himalayan candle that lead to the window into the world.
The Reiki healing I channeled was amazing, a glowing super warm light that expanded from my hands.  And just as I had finished asking for the list of prayers.
A baby bunny walked out, stopped in the middle of my window staring into the horizon and then as fast as he arrived he was gone.

NOTHING that happens is coincidence.  Look into the world with reverence as everything is communicating and guiding you to purpose and love.

           So what does that beautiful animal visitor represent for us?

     The rabbit has different symbolism's in different cultures.  But I received a knowing of awareness and confirmation to our prayers:  New beginnings in great leaps, shifts of all sorts.  Bountiful fortune Spiritually and physically.  And wisdom and unity to the earth and it's elements.

Resource:  Animal Speak, Ted Andrews:
     In China the rabbit is one of the twelve astrological signs.  It was considered a most fortunate sign, giving those born under it the ability to possess the powers of the moon.  (How appropriate as we were celebrating a NEW super moon!)
When the rabbit totem appears, you will begin to see a cycle of 28 days beginning to manifest in your life.  Rapid change make take place in leaps and hops.
Also it is time to take notice to your eating habits.  For the greatest health and healing, a vegetarian diet, even if only temporary. will serve you well in this transition cycle.  Rabbits can show you how to recognize the signs around you.  it can help you to attune to the lunar cycle and recognize the tides of movement within your life.  This in turn will enable you to become even more fertile in your life.

I wish you all to have a wonderful 2015 filled with abundance and positive new leaps!  All change is good, even if at first glance it seems uncertain, frightening or complicated.  Reflections of Love, Sandy Fabiola Salazar


Posted on March 13, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (536)
Butterfly Animal totem.  Spirit Animal guide inviting us to embrace change, face our fears, and dance.This Animal totem arrived with it's transformation qualities to bring upon us an important message of healing.  Change is inevitable in life.  We all transition in our ideas, intuitions, we grow and transform as we continue to evolve.

   It is when you resist change or when you refuse to let go.  When you wish to control those around your and your surroundings that you reach difficulties.  ALLOW the wind to take you in flight, like the soft, soft whisper of a butterfly.

(Below taken from the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews)


Probably no animal or insect has come to represent the process of transformation and shape-shifting more than that of a butterfly.

For those with this totem, the process of metamorphosis should be studied closely. When the butterfly shows up, make note of the most important issues confronting you at the moment.  This is probably why the butterfly has shown up.  What stage of change are you at in regard to them?  

All begin as eggs, eggs hatch into caterpillars, which feed and spin cocoons.  From the cocoon its the final expression of a butterfly's life cycle, usually with wings.  

To determine you have to reflect on your self.  what do you wish the outcome to be, and how best to accomplish it?
The butterfly is a powerful symbol to many cultures.   For the Native Americans, the butterfly is a symbol of change, joy, and color.
The color of the butterfly should be examined for it's significance to help you understand it's role within your life.

Butterfly guides remind us not to take things quite seriously. within our lives.  They awaken the sense of lightness and joy.  They remind us that life is a dance, and dance though powerful, is also a great pleasure.   Butterflies can be reminders to get up and move, for if you can move you can dance.   Dance brings a sweetness of life back.   This is further exemplified by the fact that butterflies actually have taste receptacles on their front legs.  they taste flowers by walking upon them.  

Butterflies bring color and joy with them.  When butterflies come into your life look at how much or little joy is within your life.  Lighten up.  Look for change.  Don't forget ALL change is good.  Butterfly medicine reminds us to make changes when the opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable, but butterfly will help teach you that growth and change does not have to be traumatic.  It will teach you that it can occur as gently, as sweetly, and as joyfully as we wish.

   In this dream medicine communication the Butterfly was white and blue:   
White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity.
It is considered to be the color of perfection.

White means safety, purity, and cleanliness.  White can represent a successful beginning.   In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.
Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity.

Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

   The other aspects of the medicine dream communication shared was of choosing the path.  One may seem dark and uncertain. Because you will need to step away from your comfort numbness in order to surface and shine.  But out of the obstacles you shall grow, stronger and wiser and find your inner self.  
While the other path may seem safe and appear to be the better choice b/c it isn't challenging you to face yours fears.  You may take it as well, it could be the longer path, because at some point you will need to circle back into transformation out of the fears you hide.  

Again you are the one who decides your journey.  You need to ask your inner wisdom, am I ready at this precise moment to face my fears?  
To release past karmic challenges?  Can I forgive and let go?

 If you are consumed by fear of those questions.  You may not be quite ready yet to face them.   Instead focus your inner wisdom to healing your confidence.  Say a prayer communication and ask Archangel Michael to help you bring down the barriers that keep you imprisoned in fear.  Ask Archangel Rafael to help you heal your broken heart.  Focus on healing your physical body by exercising, eating fresh foods.  I am told that those who are nodding yes to this, should also wear rose quartz.  Communicate with your rose quartz, asked him/her to help you heal, to build your self confidence and trust your powerful soul.

The medicine dream is also asking us ALL to Express yourself with purity, and integrity and connect your body, mind and soul.  

As far as communication with your peers, family, friends.

Are you being asked to step up and be assertive?
To continue your growth there will be times when you'll need to express yourself lovingly, but with a warrior spirit.  

Perhaps for you, specifically, you are being asked to let it go?  
It may be a greater inner battle won to gracefully, and genuinely step back.  And truthfully see and understand the others point of view as well.    If YOUR inner guidance is asking you to stept back, be humble, and listen instead of talking

Listen to you butterfly totem, transform into the stage that is necessary for your own personal soul growth.
Dance, yes, dance out loud!  Dance when you feel it inside your heart.  Even if you are in a public place!  ...I dare you to allow your inner butterfly to whisper loving change for those around you.   

Don't forget to ground yourself as well.  Roll around the grass and feel the connection to the roots of the earth.  Full moons are perfect for those who are sensitive to connect with earth we chose.  And to the universe we belong from.  
I invite you, the next full moon.  You'll most likely be up anyway.  
Go outside, bare footed and have a moonlight bath. (dress appropriately for your weather).  
You can stand sit, but keeping your soles to the earth. Visualize and process the Universal light from the moon passing through your body, cleansing your chakras and moving down to your soles and roots to the earth.  Remember we are all Oneness in love, light and Inspiration!

Wishing you a wonderful Spring!  Let's go out there and dance in the butterfly medicine!  Love, Light and Inspiration.  -Sandy Fabiola- 
@ Harmonious Expression where A powerful Awakening awaits.

Dream Healer.  Universal communication from the Arcturian council for Incarnated Starseeds, and other who are Awakening to receive healing understanding in a form of a blog.

Indigo Dating (Kindred Spirits) /Romance Indigo (Almas Gemelas)

Posted on December 1, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (62)
Soulmates, and Hi there,

On many occasions it has been brought to my attention that finding LOVE it's not easy.  Those of us who live aware and conscious of the dimensions of the universe and all the magic and blessings it entails, have a difficult time relating to society.  (But you can certainly break this pattern and manifest your reality).

We have each (all over the world) shared common experiences that others may find difficult to relate.  Likewise, many of us who have known we are 'wired' differently even as youngsters, find it strange to connect to mainstream society.  Which makes it even more difficult to connect on a romantic level.   

Last week, during the full moon meditation, I received a message from Divine to create a group.  ConsciousLOVE  that will help people all over the world knit viral sensitivity & connect kindred hearts.
You will have the opportunity to reunite with your soul family, and soul mates (which as we know are not just romantic love relationships).

By participating, sharing you experiences, understanding; and been true to yourself, I hope that many will unite hearts (in a romantic level as well).  

FB group:
Open to all Earth Angels.   Those who are just beginning their conscious journey, and those who are aware and actively awake.

With Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi


SoulMates, I see you and I thank you for helping me grow.  Soulmates can be romantic.  But don't have to be.  They can be friends, parents, sisters.   At the end we all are One, Oneness from Universal source.                                                                Buen Día,

En muchas ocasiones, me han comentado mis alumnos que se sienten solos.  Que les gustaría tener un circulo de amistades que entiendan y compartan su crecimiento Espiritual.

Aveces es difícil conectarse a la manera de pensar de la sociedad.  Sus ideas lógicas, no se comparan con nuestras experiencias y conocimiento sobre el Universo.  Sus dimensiones, magia, y que los Angeles y seres Divinos si existen de verdad y nos guían.  conocemos que significa estar despiertos y vivir conscientemente.

Esta semana durante mi meditación de luna llena, recibí un mensaje que debería crear un grupo para unir corazones y almas gemelas.  (aunque se conoce que las almas gemelas no son solo amores, sino también son amistades y familiares)

Los invito a compartir sus experiencias, conocimientos en ConsciousLOVE
Espero llene ese vació que muchos sienten, al poder ver que no estamos solos.  Y quien sabe, quizás TU encuentres el amor que te ayude por el siguiente paso de tu crecimiento.

El grupo en FB:
Abierto para todos los Angeles Terrestres.  Los que recién empiezan su búsqueda y entendimiento, y los que ya viven vidas conscientes y despiertas.

Con mucho Amor-Luz-Sonrisas~Fabi

Deferred Action for Undocumented Youth

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (122)
Where you are, is because you belong.  And you belong where you are.
Last week, after finding a group of students who work with our communities in NJ to stand up for immigrant rights, NJDAC.  I felt the need to contribute, and spend some time passing flyers in my surrounding towns.

I was stunned to meet the amount of people who were NOT aware of the deferred action policy that president Obama announced on June 15th, 2012.  

The Deferred Acton protects from deportation and grants a work permit (for 2 years) to undocumented youth who meets the following criteria:

*Came to the USA before the age of 16
*Have continuously lived in the US for at least 5 years prior to June 2012
(June 15th 2007 to June 15th 2012)
*Are under the age of 31 as of June 15th, 2012
*Are in school, graduated from high school, earned a GED, or served honorably in the US military 
*Are at least 15 years of age, (only if you are NOT in removal proceedings)
*Have not committed a felony, a significant misdemeanor, or multiple misdemeanors
*Not pose a threat to national security, or public safety

For more resources (in NJ), and application clinics or events you may also visit the above group: 

     In our spiritual path, we see the dynamics of an incarnation with a different understanding.  I KNOW that it is part of my personal growth to be a native of PERU in this lifetime; and have immigrated to the United States as a child.  It is part of my life purpose, to soon enough unite the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North.  I am an undocumented adult, who has spend her entire life in this country.  It was part of my destiny to come here, to live my experiences, and to help those that are guided to me.  I am Undocumented and Unafraid.  (This sentence has been long overdue).  I am a woman of faith, kindness and dedication to caring for others rights, needs, growth.  I contribute to a Universal Healing.  

WHY am I sharing this with you now?
I am hoping that if you do not feel an understanding of Oneness yet.  
That you will take the time to see that perhaps a friend, loving neighboor, tutor, or your childhood friend could be undocumented.  You cannot by appearance "tell" who is or not with legal status.  You have an opportunity of awareness and growth.  Next time you hear a nasty, uneducated remark; I hope you have the courage to help someone else think twice before judging.  

For those of you, (and I know are many) who DO understand completely and  relate to knowing your purpose, no matter the location of geography of which you stand in.  I ask you to please make a difference in someone's life by supporting the 'Dreamers', and/or volunteering at events near you to spread kindness, and awareness. 

I will make the effort to update upcoming events throughout the states.  (as I become aware of them) to share information for those who need it or that can help.
For those wondering, I turned 30 yrs old before June 15th 2012 (although I do not "look it" -lol).  I have a non-criminal record.  I have payed taxes and have lived here for 19 years!  I meet all the requirements, and trust the Universe to continue protecting and guiding me.  I DO qualify for the deferred action.  I thank many friends I have met along the way of my awakening, who have supported me and have asked the Divine Universe to protect me along my journey.  Thank You.  (Love, Light and smiles~Always) -Fabi

*Para los que entienden mas el Espanol, les prometo hacer otro articulo.
Pero por mientras, pueden encontrar ayuda y detalles en la paginas: Hablan Espanol (en NJ) Hablan Espanol (en IL)


Tantra Yoga

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 5:08 PM Comments comments (266)

conscious love making.  Stepping away from the physical to the emotional, and mental engagement of self love, as well as love union.Is it better to be the strong rock or allow yourself to face your fears and pain?

As you know, I follow my divine guidance and dance with the flow of the wind.  Knowing that ea new lesson arrives at the precise moment when I am ready to evolve once again.  A constant morphing butterfly.

This past two weekends I was given an amazing opportunity to let go of the past and embrace my powerful and beautiful femenine self.  I've learned amazing information about conscious love making, opening our chakras through meditation and letting go of my pain.  It wasn't easy and I am not done flushing the imprints of my past.  But I hold my head much higher and feel full of love, tender care and purity. 

I feel blessed to have met new like minded friends of all walks of life.  Old Souls reuniting to bring harmony and love to each other.

Although at times it seems like been a rock is an easier survival skill, I have learned that I am stronger just for allowing myself to let go, face my fears and TRUST. 
I think everyone (without a doubt) would benefit from attending a Tantra Yoga workshop with Charles Muir.  Please visit his website for more information.
and Caroline Muir:

I would love to read your thoughts and experiences if you have attended or wish to attend a workshop.
Imagine how happy everyone would live if they learned to embrace themselves and each other everyday. 


Special Angel Reading Promo!! (Fri 23rd-Tues 27th 2011) $20 ea

Posted on September 16, 2011 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (158)
Hi there,

I have experienced an avalanche of blessings in disguise since mid August.  ...God works in mysterious ways.

I am thankful for all my blessings, and have decided to share the love and peace of mind I receive/give when doing Angel readings.  Usually you can book an appt at regular price or you can catch me at an expo/fair to enjoy a reading at a discount price.  But this will be the first time I give 1/2 hr readings for only $20 ($1min after 30mins).  Even when I do expos at a discount price, the rate is not as low as my coming 5 day promotion, so this is a very special treat.

I am available for readings in person or by phone/email.  The quality is the same, I have given very accurate and helpful readings through the phone and email as well.  The only difference is that in person, I can use my Empath abilities more.  Also I can bring instant gratification when people's emotions pour in.  But at such an amazing rate, why not get a phone or email conversation reading if you cannot come in person.  Wether you are a returning client or curious about a spiritual reading, this is a great way for you to receive enlightening information. 

My Angel readings are intuitive card readings. Beginning w/ an empath/Clairvoyant reading.  During the reading (if needed for the client) I also get Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance information as well.  Sometimes I see/feel/smell the presence of a past loved ones.  It is really cool and helpful for people to experience a spiritual reading that comes from love and light.

I AM so thankful to be following my journey as a lightworker/lightwarrior.  Since I began to speak my peace and openly share my experiences, I have had the opportunity to help heal and connect people of all walks of life.  And that is an amazing reward. 

Please call me/ text me to book your appt slot asap (I am already filling in). 
You may also email me several times between 8am-8:30pm that would work for you during those 5 days and I will reply to you with an available slot.
  (I will only be checking my FB, Blog and email once a day) please, I cannot stress how important is for you to CALL or TEXT me so that I may give you the time slot you are interested in or work with you to it's proximity.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this blog.  I look forward to working with you as a pure medium for divine guidance.

*Reiki/Angel Hugs n Smiles~Fabi*
CALL or TEXT @ (908) 448-7510

or you may respond to this blog (I will check it alon with my email and FB).

Migraines: Natural Remedies

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (63)
Migraine headache.  Natural remedies.  Solutions for Sensitives.  How to heal.Hi there! 
I wanted to share with you a small blog that hopefully will help you if you suffer from migraines.
As you can imagine, I am not a fan of intoxicating our body with drugs and prescriptions.  I like to heal naturally when ever possible.

Today, I had to stay home from work due to an unbearable migraine.
It started Saturday, and I made that easy mistake many of us do
(...I AVOIDED the pain and pushed my limits).
Been a Reiki Master, I naturally rely on Reiki to heal all I need.  I def feel the difference and improvement after self-healing.  However, I forgot to SLOW down and rest. 

I don't suffer from insanely painful migraines that often.  The last time I was nauscious, in pain, and highly sensitive to sounds/light due to a migraine was about 3 years ago.  But I felt motivated to share this blog as a reminder to myself and advice to those who may be interested.

    *Avoid products like chinese food, cheese, sodas, food coloring
    (I am not  nutritiounist, so I am not aware of the reasons why those foods cause migraines on some people).  But from experience and conversations w/ others, they do.
    2. DO CONSUME: fresh water, vegetables, fruits, natural juices.
  • Do NOT push your limits.  It is better to REST at the first signs of a migraine.  If you avoid this, your body will crash and make matters worse.
  • REST in a quiet environment, make the room darker if possible.
  • GINGER -is an amazing natural resource.  It has so many nutrients that it helps a variety of symptoms.  Drink an infusion of ginger.  It will vastly reduce your sensitivity and discomfort.
  • LAPIS LAZULI & AMETHYST -both stones have a healing vibration that helps release pain associated with headaches and tension pressure.
    (I wore my lapis lazuli pendant and used an amethyst tumble stone to rest in the areas I felt pressure/pain).
    It is incredible how it alivated the discomfort, helping me recover faster.
  • last but not least REIKI & A.A RAPHAEL:  Not only did I continue self healing with Reiki in addition to other modalities (mentioned above).  But I also asked for divine intervention, remember you have free will -so you MUST ask in order to receive. 
    I simply ask Archangel Raphael (He who heals) to please help me release the pain, tension and discomfort. 

    ~*~ I hope this helps!  Angel/Reiki Hugs & smiles~Fabi ~*~

Starseed Indigo, Light worker , Light warrior, Incarnated Earth Angel

Posted on April 5, 2011 at 10:34 PM Comments comments (332)
astral love  Astral travel, and projections.*Are you experiencing a massive shift within your environment?

*Perhaps you have always felt "odd" but could not understand why?

*Do you notice details others do not?

I am going to break down a few categories in bulletins of 5-10 to help people spark a connection & understanding.

*Lower body temperature.
*Older soul-wise beyond your age.
*A longing to go back home, star gazing. 
(Feeling as you weren't from this planet).
*Enjoy people watching, observing.
*Feel resistant to cultural, political, social
programming on earth. 
(This makes you feel as you do not belong anywhere).
*Intuition is razor sharp.  Build in BS detectors and can recognize when someone is presenting false or dishonest information to them. 
*Truthful (sometimes even BLUNT).
*Great capacity to love, and can feel deeply wounded when they are not reciprocated.
*Extremely sensitive & connected to the spirit of the earth.  Feel extremely affected when creation is disregarded and mistreated.
*Some have 'psychic' abilities.
*Have an intense KNOWING of subjects they never studied or were influenced by.
*Ps. There is some controversy over Indigo's being soul's that have NEVER incarnated before.  During my Angel Certification workshop with Charles Virtue, I asked if this was true.  The answer was, "no, some could be new souls, but other have incarnated before."
*Care Takers of the Earth.
*Those who soothe the soul, inspire the masses, heal the mind and body.
*Lightworkers feel the need to search for themselves/or encourage their children to investigate religions such as: Buddhism, Hinduism, and eastern concepts.
*They are concerned with people living in 3rd world countries.  Actively promoted voluntary groups to aid oppressed people.
*Lightworkers do their function both in public and in private.
*They are those beautiful souls that are sought out when there is another in need.
*Their methods are mostly gentle, nurturing, encouraging, and empowering, or enabling in nature. 
*The lightworker sees the beauty in all things, all the time.
*Those who make known both sides of any issue or topic.
*Those who fight for light & truth, either on the earth or astral realms.
*Lightwarriors can and often do those things that lightworkers do as well, but most often in a one on one setting.
*Lightwarriors tend to be intense, often appearing to lack love and compassion, and speak from a viewpoint of blatant honesty, no matter how blunt & controversional.
*Lightwarriors are blunt and honest in nature, but offering encouragement and support where needed.
*Their approach may range from gentle & nurturing, to a more intense and empowering 'tough love'.
*The lightwarrior is silent, watches the flow of things around them until it's needed to speak up.

The lightwarrior needs the lightworker to see the beauty in all things, to soften and loosen up, and to let the love within them come to the surface.  The lightworker needs the lightwarrior to bring to fight those things which could block or hinder their growth or path.  Therefore, lightwarriors and lightworkers are a balancing factor of one another -they need each other.

***Sometimes there are those perfectly balanced lightworkers who are a perfect balance between a lightworker and a lightwarrior, carrying within traits of both.  This are rare and can serve as examples for lightworkers and lightwarriors alike.  These beautiful souls are balance in their purest form, representing a goal for which all should strive. ***

*They can also see the best in everyone, and sometimes can stay in abusive relationships because of their tolerance and nurturing 'personalities'.
*Incarnated angels often have compulsive eating, or other addictions.  (specially true if they are not spiritually connected).

*Incarnated Angels are generous people, who sometimes has a very difficult time receiving.
*Incarnated Angels (as well as Starseeds) are highly intuitive, but often doubt and do not trust their intuition because they have been 'programmed' to adapt to an earthly/terrestrial life.
*Natural healers and helpers. 
*Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say: "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I simply feel comfortable with you -that I can trust you".
*Have "sweet" child like faces and mannerisms.
*They are often very giving and nurturing.

   This are some of the few descriptions that might help you understand the things you may have experienced your entire life and not realized they were more than "just you".  What I mean by this, I can only speak from my experiences.  At some point in my life I became aware that I had more than 80% of the above experiences, but I always disregard them as JUST MY PERSONALITY TRAITS.  Just me being different.  I was not aware that there were other people world-wide who were also experiencing this connection.  

I did not understand why I was at peace when looking at the stars, and yet felt an intense melancholic feeling.  I did not know how to describe to people the knowledge I had out of nowhere, without influences and studies, I simply knew things.  It was difficult for me to understand why people acted the way they did, and I felt their pain within my own system.  This caused me to want to stay within my own "world" where I was at peace and did not have to deal with "feelings" that I didn't understand their origin.  (For a while, even I questioned weather I was depressed due to this high and low moods that would come & go without explanation).  Even as a child, I did not question ET's (I simply knew that it was arrogant for humans to think they were the only intelligence in this universe).  I have dealt with 'paranormal' episodes from a young age, and I did not understand 'why me'.

In my case, I KNOW that my soul has had many life's in different dimensions.  Not to mention many reincarnations as a process of growth.  Yes, what I am saying is that my soul began it's journey reincarnating for different purposes, and at some point chose to return to this present to help others, to teach, and to live a human experience. This is why I find an almost perfect match to the above descriptions to mention just a few.  (Other 'labels' for incarnations are Elementals, Walk-ins, Wise One, Evolving souls, Dabbler etc).

know that my soul is a highly evolved soul that has chosen to incarnate in this present to help those who need me.  (This is not at all coming from arrogance.  I am not better than anyone else, and we all have different purposes.  Weather is to help others, or simply balance out and learn).  I simply speak from the purest light in my body that has shown me in many ways who I am now and why.

See, in my case I did not have a sudden awakening.  Where everything changed and information poured in shaking up my world.  This type of awakening makes me think of an 'emergency room' where you go in due to massive symptoms that are life changing.  
In my case, I feel that I was always awake (open & connected) I simply did not realize I was awake.  (lol) What I mean is I was aware of many things, but I was not aware that all this experiences and knowledge fit into a puzzle, and the only piece missing was my emotional balance.  In my case, after 26 years of not expressing myself and blocking my emotions, I was blinded/plugged by a rubber band mess of emotions.  Once this last piece was placed, I could see the entire picture.  This is why I enjoy helping others through my Holistic Angel Therapy service.  I know from experience the amazing difference that can make to be in balance and have all your puzzle pieces put together (smiles).

I no longer have the anxiousness to go back home.  I know that when my soul has completed it's purpose, I will then return to be part of the universe again.  Until then, I am here to teach and to learn, to make a difference.

I hope this has helped you sparked an interest to learn more about your higher self, or perhaps someone in your family.  Please feel free to leave me a comment with your own experiences, or questions I will be glad to get to know you and help you as well.

*smiles~Hugs~Blessings~ Sandy Fabiola*

Law of Attraction. How it shifts in Friendships and Experiences

Posted on March 22, 2011 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (57)
Magnetizing your experiences and friendships and reality.
Growing up do you remember the phrase, "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who YOU are?"

I believe most of us understood it as the crowd we were associated with reflected who we were to others.

However, it is now that I come to understand a different perspective to this popular phrase.  Not only do our friends represent us.  But they also become our mirrors and manifestation of our realities. 
For example if you have friends who are often negative and gossiping or enjoy creating drama and playing victim roles. 
At some point you too will be sucked into that behavior.  Even if it's temporary.

It is difficult not to fall prey to the behavior that you choose to surround yourself with.  The question I often hear: "So, I'm I supposed to avoid this friends?  ...soon enough I won't have anyone to confide in!"  Yes, it does sound radical that you clean out your closet and remove all the negativity. 
You need to keep in mind that you have free will and choices.  If you choose to stay within that circle, you may enjoy the drama and been the victim (even if you do not admit it to yourself).  But for those who are interested in having a more balanced lifestyle, even a little bit of destructive behavior will contaminate your environment and mood if you have not yet learned how to still maintain balance among chaos.  (I seen this happen again and again).  I coach my clients to address a healthier lifestyle as a WHOLE using Angel therapy and help them realize they have the power to create their realities.  (Feel free to visit my Angel Therapy page to set up a free consultation, mention this blog).

In a different senerio, as your personality changes and your interest develops away from what you used to share with old friends.  You will find yourself not finding activities or even company as rewarding as it used to be.  Therefore, you will begin to cut the cords that you used to share.  Now it is important to understand that simply because you are attracted to a different set of people and experiences, it does not mean you are a "bad friend" to those you used to love spending time with.  Memories and experiences will always be part of your heart.

In order to manifest more experiences that you are attracted to, you need to be able to see a mirror in the company you keep.

Using my own life as an example, I have had 5 childhood friends since I was 12 years old.  As I dealt with my own awareness of a different consciousness I realized that I had lost touch with four of them.  Not because they were negative, but simply because we were no longer on the same page of interest's.  We all took on different journeys, I love them dearly and I have amazing memories of them.  But no longer spend time with them as I used to.  I send them love and  hold them fondly in my heart.

Once I truly admitted my experiences I decided to attract new friends and like minded individuals.  I asked my angels to please bring bring to my life those who will help me continue growing and be able to express my truthful higher self freely.  I have since that day met and gotten to know higher consciousness individuals.  With each step I surrender and trust, the more my world shifts and I continue attracting new set of friends, teachers and students.

For anyone who is experiencing this shift or would like to live a more happy and balance lifestyle, it is OK to cut your cords with the negativity that surrounds you.  Trust that in order to have new beginnings you will have to let go of old patterns and behaviors.  ...and yes, maybe even those friendships who do not serve your highest good.

For those who are interested in more of my videos please follow this link!  my YouTube channel is "Fabismiles"