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A Powerful Awakening...

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Spring Equinox, Moonlight Manifestation & Rabbit Totem

Posted on March 25, 2015 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (76)

Friday March 20th 2015 we celebrated Spring Equinox, 3rd of 6 New Super moons, 1st Day of Spring (covered in 4" of snow in NJ), and a Solar Eclipse!
...quite unforgettable.

Amazing energy and perfect time to ask Universal Oneness to help us manifest prosperity, healing, and knowledge.

It was beautiful, peers all over the universe gathered to share our loving energy to make a difference.

I offered a special treat for everyone through my FB page: HARMONIOUS EXPRESSION where I had a communication session with the Universe and helped those who participated in a post take action in manifesting their desires.  Make sure you visit, and "like" so that you don't miss the next event or the free readings.

     I had a wonderful moonlight evening.  My quartz chose not to be placed in a "traditional" prosperity grid.  Instead we created a shape that seemed similar to an infinity sign, but it met at the healing Himalayan candle that lead to the window into the world.
The Reiki healing I channeled was amazing, a glowing super warm light that expanded from my hands.  And just as I had finished asking for the list of prayers.
A baby bunny walked out, stopped in the middle of my window staring into the horizon and then as fast as he arrived he was gone.

NOTHING that happens is coincidence.  Look into the world with reverence as everything is communicating and guiding you to purpose and love.

           So what does that beautiful animal visitor represent for us?

     The rabbit has different symbolism's in different cultures.  But I received a knowing of awareness and confirmation to our prayers:  New beginnings in great leaps, shifts of all sorts.  Bountiful fortune Spiritually and physically.  And wisdom and unity to the earth and it's elements.

Resource:  Animal Speak, Ted Andrews:
     In China the rabbit is one of the twelve astrological signs.  It was considered a most fortunate sign, giving those born under it the ability to possess the powers of the moon.  (How appropriate as we were celebrating a NEW super moon!)
When the rabbit totem appears, you will begin to see a cycle of 28 days beginning to manifest in your life.  Rapid change make take place in leaps and hops.
Also it is time to take notice to your eating habits.  For the greatest health and healing, a vegetarian diet, even if only temporary. will serve you well in this transition cycle.  Rabbits can show you how to recognize the signs around you.  it can help you to attune to the lunar cycle and recognize the tides of movement within your life.  This in turn will enable you to become even more fertile in your life.

I wish you all to have a wonderful 2015 filled with abundance and positive new leaps!  All change is good, even if at first glance it seems uncertain, frightening or complicated.  Reflections of Love, Sandy Fabiola Salazar

Indigo Dating (Kindred Spirits) /Romance Indigo (Almas Gemelas)

Posted on December 1, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (62)
Soulmates, and Hi there,

On many occasions it has been brought to my attention that finding LOVE it's not easy.  Those of us who live aware and conscious of the dimensions of the universe and all the magic and blessings it entails, have a difficult time relating to society.  (But you can certainly break this pattern and manifest your reality).

We have each (all over the world) shared common experiences that others may find difficult to relate.  Likewise, many of us who have known we are 'wired' differently even as youngsters, find it strange to connect to mainstream society.  Which makes it even more difficult to connect on a romantic level.   

Last week, during the full moon meditation, I received a message from Divine to create a group.  ConsciousLOVE  that will help people all over the world knit viral sensitivity & connect kindred hearts.
You will have the opportunity to reunite with your soul family, and soul mates (which as we know are not just romantic love relationships).

By participating, sharing you experiences, understanding; and been true to yourself, I hope that many will unite hearts (in a romantic level as well).  

FB group:
Open to all Earth Angels.   Those who are just beginning their conscious journey, and those who are aware and actively awake.

With Love-Light-Smiles~Fabi


SoulMates, I see you and I thank you for helping me grow.  Soulmates can be romantic.  But don't have to be.  They can be friends, parents, sisters.   At the end we all are One, Oneness from Universal source.                                                                Buen Día,

En muchas ocasiones, me han comentado mis alumnos que se sienten solos.  Que les gustaría tener un circulo de amistades que entiendan y compartan su crecimiento Espiritual.

Aveces es difícil conectarse a la manera de pensar de la sociedad.  Sus ideas lógicas, no se comparan con nuestras experiencias y conocimiento sobre el Universo.  Sus dimensiones, magia, y que los Angeles y seres Divinos si existen de verdad y nos guían.  conocemos que significa estar despiertos y vivir conscientemente.

Esta semana durante mi meditación de luna llena, recibí un mensaje que debería crear un grupo para unir corazones y almas gemelas.  (aunque se conoce que las almas gemelas no son solo amores, sino también son amistades y familiares)

Los invito a compartir sus experiencias, conocimientos en ConsciousLOVE
Espero llene ese vació que muchos sienten, al poder ver que no estamos solos.  Y quien sabe, quizás TU encuentres el amor que te ayude por el siguiente paso de tu crecimiento.

El grupo en FB:
Abierto para todos los Angeles Terrestres.  Los que recién empiezan su búsqueda y entendimiento, y los que ya viven vidas conscientes y despiertas.

Con mucho Amor-Luz-Sonrisas~Fabi

Law of Attraction. How it shifts in Friendships and Experiences

Posted on March 22, 2011 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (57)
Magnetizing your experiences and friendships and reality.
Growing up do you remember the phrase, "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who YOU are?"

I believe most of us understood it as the crowd we were associated with reflected who we were to others.

However, it is now that I come to understand a different perspective to this popular phrase.  Not only do our friends represent us.  But they also become our mirrors and manifestation of our realities. 
For example if you have friends who are often negative and gossiping or enjoy creating drama and playing victim roles. 
At some point you too will be sucked into that behavior.  Even if it's temporary.

It is difficult not to fall prey to the behavior that you choose to surround yourself with.  The question I often hear: "So, I'm I supposed to avoid this friends?  ...soon enough I won't have anyone to confide in!"  Yes, it does sound radical that you clean out your closet and remove all the negativity. 
You need to keep in mind that you have free will and choices.  If you choose to stay within that circle, you may enjoy the drama and been the victim (even if you do not admit it to yourself).  But for those who are interested in having a more balanced lifestyle, even a little bit of destructive behavior will contaminate your environment and mood if you have not yet learned how to still maintain balance among chaos.  (I seen this happen again and again).  I coach my clients to address a healthier lifestyle as a WHOLE using Angel therapy and help them realize they have the power to create their realities.  (Feel free to visit my Angel Therapy page to set up a free consultation, mention this blog).

In a different senerio, as your personality changes and your interest develops away from what you used to share with old friends.  You will find yourself not finding activities or even company as rewarding as it used to be.  Therefore, you will begin to cut the cords that you used to share.  Now it is important to understand that simply because you are attracted to a different set of people and experiences, it does not mean you are a "bad friend" to those you used to love spending time with.  Memories and experiences will always be part of your heart.

In order to manifest more experiences that you are attracted to, you need to be able to see a mirror in the company you keep.

Using my own life as an example, I have had 5 childhood friends since I was 12 years old.  As I dealt with my own awareness of a different consciousness I realized that I had lost touch with four of them.  Not because they were negative, but simply because we were no longer on the same page of interest's.  We all took on different journeys, I love them dearly and I have amazing memories of them.  But no longer spend time with them as I used to.  I send them love and  hold them fondly in my heart.

Once I truly admitted my experiences I decided to attract new friends and like minded individuals.  I asked my angels to please bring bring to my life those who will help me continue growing and be able to express my truthful higher self freely.  I have since that day met and gotten to know higher consciousness individuals.  With each step I surrender and trust, the more my world shifts and I continue attracting new set of friends, teachers and students.

For anyone who is experiencing this shift or would like to live a more happy and balance lifestyle, it is OK to cut your cords with the negativity that surrounds you.  Trust that in order to have new beginnings you will have to let go of old patterns and behaviors.  ...and yes, maybe even those friendships who do not serve your highest good.

For those who are interested in more of my videos please follow this link!  my YouTube channel is "Fabismiles"