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Universal Divine Guidance

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 7:48 PM Comments comments (3512)


          Website has been and may continue to morph as the perspective and understanding within my higher self and the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council changes and expands in evolution and understanding.

           About 5 years ago (2010), I continued my journey by learning I was an Indigo and so much made sense.  Finally I was able to accept, understand and LOVE myself for exactly who I was.  I no longer felt so completely different and alone.  I understood and felt the guidance within, turning the light ON to see what was around me all along. To understand WHY I had all the experiences from birth that I never spoke about or shared with anyone.
...The awakening connection to my soul had began.  

Divine communication and guidance continued rapidly after, pouring in to help me understand who I was and how to make a difference.  At that time my comfort level was to share "Angel readings" and I did this for about two to three years.  Focusing within the comfort of the Catholic beliefs I grew up in.  Not because I didn't believe in more, but because just sharing that much was intimidating enough.  I wasn't ready to share the greater picture.   And truthfully, neither were the people around me. "Baby steps" of comfort opening their minds and heart's as well to greater consciousness.

But the "Angel" guidance I have received and shared for years, was not JUST from the concept of Angels that society is learning to accept.  The Angels and Divine guidance that helped me each time I did a reading were a UNIVERSAL Guidance as a whole.  This means God, Spirit, Source, Deities, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mother Earth (Pachamama), Guardian Angels of loved ones that have transcended, Universal families from different galaxies and Universes.
               ....They are ALL ONECONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE. 

          I needed to share this publicly to reach anyone who is guided here at some point.  Because I have noticed and felt the fear people experience by now hearing me speak of "Universal guidance" instead of Angels.  Angels still guide me, and help all of us.  But I have felt the resistance from people; as if all of the sudden they couldn't relate.  As if they were no longer ALLOWED to trust the guidance they feel within as well. For those who I did readings for in the past, and you received PEACE, understanding, communication and love; TRUST that it's still as pure as the day you understood that they were messages only from "Angels".  
The Consciousness of the galaxies are ALL ONE.  
                          They are ALL Angelic vibration from LOVE.  

My journey, like many poured in with information and guidance because I asked for it, and TRUSTED without doubt that this IS an Earthly reality manifesting into concrete.  
We were all part of a Divine existence.  We are not disconnected and living on earth without the possibility of Spiritual manifestation.  It is not about just going to church or temple and then having a faith that leaves you feeling helpless on earth.  
You are not helpless, your faith can carry you to new understanding and heights of creating the successful and loving reality you wish for yourself.  But in order to get there, you need to open up your heart and minds to understand more than what has been taught in the past.  You need to let go of fear and mistrust.  You need to release old pattern of thinking.  
This is what it means to bring "Heaven" on earth.  To have the ability to manifest what you desire because you are aware of the endless, loving assistance we all have and share.  The understanding that we are ALL connected can impact our actions and choices.  Aiming to be understanding and loving of each other.  It is happening right now, and will continue to grow around the globe and reflect back to the Universe.

          Following Universal Divine guidance, my journey was a process of patience. Still continues to be as I learn and ask for more depth information.  
The label of Indigo is used because most people who are JUST awakening can understand that concept with more ease.  But there are many layers and Universal wisdom that explains patterns of behavior, psychic abilities, high intuition, personality traits, etc
For a long period of time when searching for more information.  I came across others who saw my videos and insisted that I wasn't "just" an Indigo soul.  But I was not interested THEN to learn more about my soul's origins.  
I understood it as my soul been ancient, living many lives in different planes of existence, and that's all i needed to know.

But as time progressed, I experienced many situations that left me pondering why?
Which is why I decided to ask for more guidance on the subject.
Two years ago, After asking for more understanding to who I was in reference to the Universe and my origin.
I had been familiar with the characteristics of the Pleidian family, but it didn't feel "true" to my soul's heart.   Which is why I insisted with the origin question for guidance.

         One day as I sat in front of my computer, doing a lesson for a client participating in the Awakening LIGHTworker workshop, I heard the "voice" of the Divine Universal Council guide:  
"You are Arcturian".
To be honest, I had no clue what this meant.  Because until that point it hadn't been confirmed to me that there were more vibrational beings and a greater understanding.
I knew a broad understanding that we weren't alone in the universes.

You would think that in this day with all the technology available, I would have somehow found information about MORE, right?  

I was familiar with The HATHOR's and worked with their sound healing heart chackra meditations, but that was the extend of my awareness of the galaxy.

        Certainly I always found myself gazing at the starts, and feeling tears fall from my face, not understanding why.  I wanted a star to be named after me, and found myself at peace reading books in the moonlight.  Which is why I knew I resonated with the Indigo label among other traits.  But I didn't know what, "You are Arcturian" meant.

        So once again I began exploring this new revelation with an unbreakable FAITH as it had been an answer to my question.  BUT those amazing 3 words were not revealed to me until DIVINE Timing.  
I had to patiently wait, and trust that while I went about my life purpose that I would receive when everything within me and the universe was in perfect synchronicity.  

At the point it was shared with me, I was able to accept it and leap with it from faith and wholeness.    
EVERYTHING about who I am in this lifetime and how I choose to live, and BE made perfect sense. My human experience matches perfectly the characteristics of an Arcturian Starseed. The endless "tests" I have done confirming my soul's origin is from the Bootes constellation and within it the brightest star is Arcturus.  I have researched more information and interactions I have made by finding others all over the globe, and learn it match us perfectly as community.  There is no doubt in my heart and soul that I originate from "Arcturus".

                What does this mean.  What are Starseeds?

         As I was getting ready to write this blog today, I received the nudge to find a video on youtube of other starseeds I had seen before.  I found them, left blessings and a comment on their page, and before I knew it and automatic synchronicity had developed again.  The video: The Mission of a Starseed started playing on it's own.
And I knew after listening WHY it was so important for me to hear it and find it.

Today, as I shared this personal journey, I needed a confirmation to what I am sharing.  A different perspective and person sharing the same information for those who resonate with the vibration and awareness we are all experiencing.

Wishing you all many blessings, love, healing and light.  
                  We are  ALL ONE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE.

Thank you for sharing your space with me.

~Arcturian soul and earthly Divine Universal Council Medium/Facilitator