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A Powerful Awakening...

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Starseed Indigo, Light worker , Light warrior, Incarnated Earth Angel

Posted on April 5, 2011 at 10:34 PM
astral love  Astral travel, and projections.*Are you experiencing a massive shift within your environment?

*Perhaps you have always felt "odd" but could not understand why?

*Do you notice details others do not?

I am going to break down a few categories in bulletins of 5-10 to help people spark a connection & understanding.

*Lower body temperature.
*Older soul-wise beyond your age.
*A longing to go back home, star gazing. 
(Feeling as you weren't from this planet).
*Enjoy people watching, observing.
*Feel resistant to cultural, political, social
programming on earth. 
(This makes you feel as you do not belong anywhere).
*Intuition is razor sharp.  Build in BS detectors and can recognize when someone is presenting false or dishonest information to them. 
*Truthful (sometimes even BLUNT).
*Great capacity to love, and can feel deeply wounded when they are not reciprocated.
*Extremely sensitive & connected to the spirit of the earth.  Feel extremely affected when creation is disregarded and mistreated.
*Some have 'psychic' abilities.
*Have an intense KNOWING of subjects they never studied or were influenced by.
*Ps. There is some controversy over Indigo's being soul's that have NEVER incarnated before.  During my Angel Certification workshop with Charles Virtue, I asked if this was true.  The answer was, "no, some could be new souls, but other have incarnated before."
*Care Takers of the Earth.
*Those who soothe the soul, inspire the masses, heal the mind and body.
*Lightworkers feel the need to search for themselves/or encourage their children to investigate religions such as: Buddhism, Hinduism, and eastern concepts.
*They are concerned with people living in 3rd world countries.  Actively promoted voluntary groups to aid oppressed people.
*Lightworkers do their function both in public and in private.
*They are those beautiful souls that are sought out when there is another in need.
*Their methods are mostly gentle, nurturing, encouraging, and empowering, or enabling in nature. 
*The lightworker sees the beauty in all things, all the time.
*Those who make known both sides of any issue or topic.
*Those who fight for light & truth, either on the earth or astral realms.
*Lightwarriors can and often do those things that lightworkers do as well, but most often in a one on one setting.
*Lightwarriors tend to be intense, often appearing to lack love and compassion, and speak from a viewpoint of blatant honesty, no matter how blunt & controversional.
*Lightwarriors are blunt and honest in nature, but offering encouragement and support where needed.
*Their approach may range from gentle & nurturing, to a more intense and empowering 'tough love'.
*The lightwarrior is silent, watches the flow of things around them until it's needed to speak up.

The lightwarrior needs the lightworker to see the beauty in all things, to soften and loosen up, and to let the love within them come to the surface.  The lightworker needs the lightwarrior to bring to fight those things which could block or hinder their growth or path.  Therefore, lightwarriors and lightworkers are a balancing factor of one another -they need each other.

***Sometimes there are those perfectly balanced lightworkers who are a perfect balance between a lightworker and a lightwarrior, carrying within traits of both.  This are rare and can serve as examples for lightworkers and lightwarriors alike.  These beautiful souls are balance in their purest form, representing a goal for which all should strive. ***

*They can also see the best in everyone, and sometimes can stay in abusive relationships because of their tolerance and nurturing 'personalities'.
*Incarnated angels often have compulsive eating, or other addictions.  (specially true if they are not spiritually connected).

*Incarnated Angels are generous people, who sometimes has a very difficult time receiving.
*Incarnated Angels (as well as Starseeds) are highly intuitive, but often doubt and do not trust their intuition because they have been 'programmed' to adapt to an earthly/terrestrial life.
*Natural healers and helpers. 
*Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say: "I don't know why I'm telling you this, I simply feel comfortable with you -that I can trust you".
*Have "sweet" child like faces and mannerisms.
*They are often very giving and nurturing.

   This are some of the few descriptions that might help you understand the things you may have experienced your entire life and not realized they were more than "just you".  What I mean by this, I can only speak from my experiences.  At some point in my life I became aware that I had more than 80% of the above experiences, but I always disregard them as JUST MY PERSONALITY TRAITS.  Just me being different.  I was not aware that there were other people world-wide who were also experiencing this connection.  

I did not understand why I was at peace when looking at the stars, and yet felt an intense melancholic feeling.  I did not know how to describe to people the knowledge I had out of nowhere, without influences and studies, I simply knew things.  It was difficult for me to understand why people acted the way they did, and I felt their pain within my own system.  This caused me to want to stay within my own "world" where I was at peace and did not have to deal with "feelings" that I didn't understand their origin.  (For a while, even I questioned weather I was depressed due to this high and low moods that would come & go without explanation).  Even as a child, I did not question ET's (I simply knew that it was arrogant for humans to think they were the only intelligence in this universe).  I have dealt with 'paranormal' episodes from a young age, and I did not understand 'why me'.

In my case, I KNOW that my soul has had many life's in different dimensions.  Not to mention many reincarnations as a process of growth.  Yes, what I am saying is that my soul began it's journey reincarnating for different purposes, and at some point chose to return to this present to help others, to teach, and to live a human experience. This is why I find an almost perfect match to the above descriptions to mention just a few.  (Other 'labels' for incarnations are Elementals, Walk-ins, Wise One, Evolving souls, Dabbler etc).

know that my soul is a highly evolved soul that has chosen to incarnate in this present to help those who need me.  (This is not at all coming from arrogance.  I am not better than anyone else, and we all have different purposes.  Weather is to help others, or simply balance out and learn).  I simply speak from the purest light in my body that has shown me in many ways who I am now and why.

See, in my case I did not have a sudden awakening.  Where everything changed and information poured in shaking up my world.  This type of awakening makes me think of an 'emergency room' where you go in due to massive symptoms that are life changing.  
In my case, I feel that I was always awake (open & connected) I simply did not realize I was awake.  (lol) What I mean is I was aware of many things, but I was not aware that all this experiences and knowledge fit into a puzzle, and the only piece missing was my emotional balance.  In my case, after 26 years of not expressing myself and blocking my emotions, I was blinded/plugged by a rubber band mess of emotions.  Once this last piece was placed, I could see the entire picture.  This is why I enjoy helping others through my Holistic Angel Therapy service.  I know from experience the amazing difference that can make to be in balance and have all your puzzle pieces put together (smiles).

I no longer have the anxiousness to go back home.  I know that when my soul has completed it's purpose, I will then return to be part of the universe again.  Until then, I am here to teach and to learn, to make a difference.

I hope this has helped you sparked an interest to learn more about your higher self, or perhaps someone in your family.  Please feel free to leave me a comment with your own experiences, or questions I will be glad to get to know you and help you as well.

*smiles~Hugs~Blessings~ Sandy Fabiola*

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