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A Powerful Awakening...

to attract Spiritual souls. Those that are ready to do the work they seek.

-Divine Universal Communication Guidance

                                -Awakening LIGHTworker Online Worhshops

-Conscious Vegan Recipes for Sensetives

                                                                                                                   Reiki Attunements/Sessions

-Simple Meditation Classes

Angel Guidance. Express your love and visions. They do not have to be master pieces. Be confident.



received guidance & Universal wisdom from a young age.  

But it was a growth and journey process of trusting that 

El ser Divino en mi, reconoce y respeta al ser Divino en ti.

wisdom and surrendering to Divine Communication for her to realize & make the connections to her higher self.

 "Most people have forgotten what doesn't meet the eye. The Universe is filled with Magnificent wisdom, and is waiting for us to reconnect". I encourage you to open your mentality. Allow your inner child to see, feel and trust with your heart and soul. 

Divine Universal Communication DIVINE UNIVERSAL Guidance CARD Reading: Divine messages are received from Universal non-denominational guides. The entire Universal Council that resonates to the comfort of each individuals awareness. SANDYFABIOLA asks to please allow her to understand and share the appropriate answer to a client's question and needs. Using her Clairs to scan the individual's field of energy. In person or distance, and know their physical ailments, emotions, growth, etc. Proceeds by using a mixture deck as visual tools to continue the Divine communication and awareness. The intention and purpose of this reading is to bring clarity in a loving manner to help people clear their decisions and intuitions of a problem they may be experiencing. If you have been curious or interested in a spiritual reading, but fear has gotten in your way. You will feel comfortable with a Divine Universal guidance card reading. It is a loving way to communicate with our Universal Divine guides. SANDYFABIOLA asks that you express your intention with your heart before beginning the reading. The angels and guides will answer your question, and also give you general direction that you may not be aware you need. SANDYFABIOLA eases communication between you and the Divine Universal Council and help you understand their messages. **You may choose a "donation" for an affordable SINGLE Card and message for $18.18 by clicking on the above link. Distance reading. Please allow 24-48hrs for a response. Email SANDYFABIOLA your questions after payment: [email protected]
Astral Travel Communication ASTRAL Travel Communication: Astral Travel meditation is a form to communicate and receive Divine visual and audio messages. Sometimes with this process, SANDYFABIOLA also receives messages from departed spirits for their loved ones. This process takes time, "When I astral travel during my meditations I am lightly aware of space, but not of 3D time passing. I simply acknowledge & if necessary, write automatically everything I see, feel and receive". In the past a session has been a process of an hour up to four hours. This tool is ideal to travel back to past life experiences that keep people "prisoner" and blocked in this lifetime. (I will not travel "into the future" for entertainment, so please do not seek). Past life's are revealed as people are ready to GROW from them, heal and let go. SANDYFABIOLA enters a state of light meditation and within this consciousness she travels through multi-dimensions. She is able to receive, SEE/FEEL messages that the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council and your guardian Angels share for her clients behalf. As well as departed love ones who wish to communicate with friends and family. "I have been able to travel to different realms and receive different messages that help my clients work through a problem or present situation. I have also traveled to a past life to share with a client the reason of a karmic attachment." Time is different in the physical 3D existence as it is within a consciousness higher dimension therefore SANDYFABIOLA can be in a meditation for a short period of time or several hours. You may use this method to receive answers to simple questions or deeply rooted issues you may not understand. Please allow up to two weeks for reading to be completed. You can either make an appointment to go over the messages in person or it can be emailed/ snail mail out to you. Please email her with questions after receiving confirmation number: [email protected]
DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council Healing and Coaching Session (1.5hr) Complete DIVINE UNIVERSAL COUNCIL Healing/Coaching session: (In person or distance) Working with the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council, I have been blessed to be taught my own Harmonious Expression of HEALING. It is a mixture of tools shown to me, that I use to be guided through each individuals needs. From visually working with energy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Chackra clearing/balancing, Earth Shamanic and Crystal Healing. Afterwards, we work together as a team; my clients, myself and the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council to discuss the session as well as what action can take place for themselves to work and continue their evolution and healing until the next session. You are all amazingly powerful. We want to show you how to take action with simple techniques. For those who aren't familiar with Reiki: REI means universal/Spiritual Consciousness. (The wisdom that comes from God or the higher self). This is the Divine Source Consciousness which is all knowing. It understands each person completely. It knows the cause of all problems and difficulties and knows what to do to heal them. KI means the same as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sankrist and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian. Ki is the Life Force. This is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things. When it is free and flowing freely, you are less likely to get sick. Life force plays an important role in everything we do. It animates the body and also is the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. ***The Reiki explanation above helps you understand the imagery for working with Divine Universal Council in guidance. Plus amazingly magnify it to a UNIQUE Healing session; as we work with all healing tools and clairs shown to me through years of work and meditation. Depending on each individual, what they need for their own growth and evolution. reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation. relieves pain. may help to bring spiritual clarity. offers help to the relief of sorrow and emotional distress. it can improve good blood circulation and can cleanse organs such as kidneys, arteries, spleen, gall bladder, lungs and heart. etc. helps athlete's an dancers heal from their injuries. safe to treat symptoms of imbalance: chronic and acute conditions, stress related disorders, conditions related to sinus, menopause, migraine, asthma, chronic fatigue, arthritis, back and muscle pain, insomnia and depression - to name a few. speeds up recovery from surgery and long term illness. As it tends to reduce side-effects. It helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment for example, Chemo-therapy patients who received his healing noticed a marked decrease in side effects from treatment. Reiki purifies environments, and can facilitate the cleansing of lower vibration energies or spirits from an office, house, garden, etc. healing can also be put directly in medicine (as well as food and water). I recommend this form of session that gives me the freedom to work with time not against it. "When I heal with the DIVINE UNIVERSAL Council, I am divinely guided to the areas that need more attention. I am able to use my psychic Clairs to see, hear, feel and know about my client's past-lifes. Divinely shown to me as I scan and heal, balance and open your Chakras and fields of energy. Using many different healing skills and teaching for YOUR highest good. This sessions can be done in person or through distance. After processing payment send SANDYFABIOLA a message on her FB page: "Harmonious Expression with SANDYFABIOLA" directly to set up an appointment. or email at: [email protected]

You have the tools within to shine bright in love and clarity.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Awakening LIGHTworker Online Workshops:

$355 for 5 week one on one intuitive coaching


Awakening LIGHTworker Mentoring

30hr Session $40.00 / 1hr Session $75.55

Powerful Awakening for Starseeds & Earth Angels

My mission in this life is to help others connect with their higher beings and live their lives in/with purpose. To bring upon the earth love and consciousness; and connecting the Condor of the South and Eagle of the North in Harmonious Expression.

As a Spiritual Universal Awakening coach, I channel and connect claircognizance knowledge of the Divine UNIVERSAL Council guidance to encourage growth, and go within to transform. This is a melting pot of all gifts and tools that are called to be suited for each individual. Each 5 week Online workshop includes a Distance Divine UNIVERSAL Council Healing Session and a Oneness Blessing at the end.

"I work with OUR Spiritual Universal guides to shift your environments by taking action plans that support your goals, and aspirations. Asking that you look within your experiences, family dynamics. As well as the relationship with yourselves to acknowledge and overcome your hindering EMOTIONS.

Together we work to create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your goals, desires and life purpose to balance out your SOUL Wisdom connection with your MIND and BODY.

To help you manifest by realizing that we live in a co-creative universal plane and can communicate our needs with a Divine or Higher knowledge.

I can assist you in making a connection with your Divine guides and to develop a spiritual practice that works for you-within your own religion or faith".

It is been brought to my attention that those guided to me are at VERY different levels of their Spiritual growth and awareness. For this reason, would benefit from ONE on ONE attention.

The outline for ea person will be different, based on what it is needed for YOUR highest good, and depending on the dedication and progress.

Each person will need to practice their tasks daily, and every 7 days email me their observations, and work progress. Their "aha" moments and general notes. Each week, depending on the previous ground work we will work on a new skill. It is from this interactions that I can better guide/help each person grow at their own rate. I will also be available through text message for questions twice a week.

A Powerful Awakening for "Earth Angels/Souls" is provided within a holistic approach and is effective for all clients. I AM a vessel for honest and pure service to mankind. Maintaing an open communication with Universal Divine guidance allows me during sessions to help a person work through a specific area in their life's (present and past).

Using different modalities of healing, I tailor our sessions to your advantage.    -SandyFabiola -

You hold the key to success in your hands. Learn how to balance your body, mind, spirit and emotions, along with your materialistic needs.

Contact me to find out the next cycle of workshops!


Only working w/ serious students. Those who have a clear understanding that in order to see/feel their growth, one needs to make the time & effort. 

Current cycle --CLOSED for attendance.

*Next cycle: Begins Aug 15th and ends Sept 19th 2016

Registration and payment due by August 5th 2016

Please email me to learn about the workshop or to reserve your spot. I wish to help you radiate within your natural spiritual knowledge and successfully find and live your life's purpose. 

Click on this link. NEW channel under construction. ^^^